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1992 シャトーコスデストゥルネルCh.Cos D'estournel お買い得,限定セール

1992 Cos d'Estournel 88pt. Drink 1993-2003 One of the stars of the vintage, the 1992 Cos d'Estournel exhibits a deep ruby/purple color, medium to full body, scents of smoky oak, and copious amounts of blackcurrant fruit. Velvety-textured and medium to full-bodied, this is an atypically ripe, concentrated, impressively-endowed wine that should drink well for 6-10 years. It is a 1992 that merits considerable interest! Wine Advocate #96 Dec 1994

1992 シャトーコスデストゥルネルCh.Cos D'estournel お買い得,限定セール —— 14,800円

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1995 シャトーコスデストゥルネルCh.Cos D'estournel お買い得,限定セール

1995 Cos d'Estournel 95pt. Drink 2001-2025 A wine of extraordinary intensity and accessibility, the 1995 Cos d'Estournel is a sexier, more hedonistic offering than the muscular, backward 1996. Opulent, with forward aromatics (gobs of black fruits intermixed with toasty pain grille scents and a boatload of spice), this terrific Cos possesses remarkable intensity, full body, and layers of jammy fruit nicely framed by the wine's new oak. Because of low acidity and sweet tannin, the 1995 will be difficult to resist young, although it will age for 2-3 decades. Anticipated maturity: 2001-2025. Both the 1995 and 1996 vintages of Cos d'Estournel were even more impressive in late 1997 than earlier in the spring. Wine Advocate #115 Feb 1998

1995 シャトーコスデストゥルネルCh.Cos D'estournel お買い得,限定セール —— 25,000円

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2007 カロンセギュール 1本Calon Segur 750ml お買い得,限定セール

2007 カロンセギュール 1本Calon Segur 750ml お買い得,限定セール —— 6,500円

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2008 カロンセギュール ギフト箱入りラッピング包装手提げ袋 お買い得,限定セール

2008 カロンセギュール ギフト箱入りラッピング包装手提げ袋 お買い得,限定セール —— 7,000円

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2008 シャトーコスデストゥルネルCh.Cos D'estournel お買い得,限定セール

2008 Cos d'Estournel 92+pt. Drink 2016-2036 Closed but promising, this is a classic Cos revealing lots of tannin along with damp earth, black currant, sweet black cherry, graphite, licorice and truffle characteristics. This medium to full-bodied, structured, firm, broodingly backward, impenetrable effort demands 5-6 years of bottle age; it should drink well for 20-25 years. Wine Advocate #194 May 2011

2008 シャトーコスデストゥルネルCh.Cos D'estournel お買い得,限定セール —— 17,500円

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2011 レパゴドドコス Les Pagodes de Cos 750ml お買い得,限定セール

2011 レパゴドドコス Les Pagodes de Cos 750ml お買い得,限定セール —— 5,000円

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2013 ルマルキドカロンセギュール 750ml 1本 Le Marquis de Calon Segur お買い得,限定セール

2013 Marquis de Calon-Segur (84-86)pt. Drink 2014-2021 The 2013 Marquis de Calon Segur picked up a lot of the Merlot, at 38%, along with 53% Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It is a pleasant wine that represents 50% of Calon Segur’s harvest, but in no way can it be compared to its truly profound bigger sibling. Drink over the next 5-7 years. Wine Advocate #214 Aug 2014

2013 ルマルキドカロンセギュール 750ml 1本 Le Marquis de Calon Segur お買い得,限定セール —— 2,500円